Chlorine bleaching agent GMP 352 Cocorex

Chlorine bleaching agent GMP 352 Cocorex

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GMP 352 – Cocorex is a chlorine-based bleach. Has the ability to effectively bleach, clean, remove stains, and disinfect and deodorize fabrics. Suitable for the bleaching and stain treatment industry.

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Laundry Chemicals

Packing: 20 L

Application: use for normal fabrics and linen in the industrial laundry with normal washing, soak washing removes stains in linen. Suitable for hospital laundry.

How to use: 

For normal washing: 2-3ml of GMP 352 Cocorex per kg of linen. 

For soaking: use a small amount then monitor and adjust according to the amount of dirt and the nature of the dirt.

Note: Do not use with other chemicals.
Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
Store in a dry, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

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