Laundry alkaline booster  GMP 303 L-ALKALINE BOOSTER

Laundry alkaline booster GMP 303 L-ALKALINE BOOSTER

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GMP 330 L-Alkaline Booster is a highly concentrated liquid developed exclusively for use in commercial and institutional laundries. This product effectively break up unwanted soil, eliminates housekeeping soils, and removes stubborn grease


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Packing: 20L
use as an alkaline booster for washing solution in the main wash cycle.
How to use:
Dosage: 1-3ml/kg dry linen, depending on stains and water level in main wash cyle. 
Use for main wash cycle then rinses in next step. for the best result, please wash with hot water (50 - 70oC).

Note: avoid contact with skin and eyes. 

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