Smart San Neutral Detergent N-1

Smart San Neutral Detergent N-1

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Smart San Neutral Detergent N-1 is a deep cleaning neutral kitchen detergent made from natural palm ingredients for superior biodegradability and skin compatibility while being tough against grease and dirt. Thick foaming and fragrance-free for dish and utensil cleaning or cleaning. 



Product Tags:
Hygiene and food safety Hotel Restaurant Chemicals Kitchen hygiene chemical QSR/FSR chemicals

Packing: container 5 Kg ( 5kg x 3/carton).

Application: nature kitchen detergent to cleaning the kitchen equipment, utensils. 
How to use:
For manual dishwashing: dilute chemical at 1:20 - 1:50 into washing tank.
use Scott Brice to wash the dish, utensil then rinse with water.
For vegetable washing: dilute chemical at 1:400 into the tank then wash the vegetable with water then rinse 2-3 times to make sure does not have chemical residue on vegetable. 


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