Saraya Foaming Handsoap, Green Apple

Saraya Foaming Handsoap, Green Apple

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Saraya Foaming Handsoap, Green Apple is a quality foaming hand soap designed for everyday use. A natural formulation that cleans hands gently and quality foam improves wash effectiveness by spreading quickly and evenly over all areas of the hands. Added antibacterial effect kills germs as you wash your hands


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Packing: container 5 Kg ( 5 Kgx 3/carton).


Saraya Foaming Handsoap, Green Apple hand soap solution is used to clean stains and grease on hands, and at the same time disinfect hands. Green Apple ingredients contain natural palm oil, gently clean the skin of hands, do not make hands. dry hands. High biodegradability, environmentally friendly.

The product is usually used with Saraya hand soap dispenser (foam). 

How to use: 

Used to remove stains and grease on hands. 
Take a small amount of the solution on the palm of your hand, rub your hands together for 1 minute, rinse with water. 

Fragrance: apple

Colour: Green


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