Neutral detergent  Saraya SS

Neutral detergent Saraya SS

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Neutral Detergent Saraya SS is a concentrated form of N-2. The product does not contain phosphorus, is not caustic to the hands, and eco friendly.  Lots of foam, very easy to rinse off with water. 

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Packing: container 5 Kg ( 5Kg x 3/carton)

Application: Used for cleaning grease and food on bowls, plates, utensils. Removing dirt and residue on vegetables & fruits.
How to use:
For cleaning surfaces contacting directly with food (heavy grease): dilute liquid from 2-3 times, wash again with clean water.
For cleaning bowls, plates, utensils, countertops: Dilute from 2-3 times in sinks; Use a sponge to wash bowls, plates, utensils, countertops; Rinse again with clean water.
For washing vegetables and fruits: Dilute liquid 400 times in a sink; soak vegetables and fruits in the diluted solution; Rinse with tap water in at least 30s (or change at least 2 times if wash with water in a pot).

Note: Not soaking vegetables and fruits in the solution over 5 minutes.

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