Restorer & Buffing Solution GMP 0210 FLORESTORE

Restorer & Buffing Solution GMP 0210 FLORESTORE

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GMP 0210 FLORESTORE restore the shine of the initial gloss of the floor after a buffing programme. Ideal for use where high-speed maintenance and heavy traffic are encounters.


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Chemical for cleaning service Floor Maintenance Chemicals

Packing: 5 USG/ 5L

For use on all resilient and non-resilient floor, vinyl, vinyl asbestos, asphalt rubber tile etc. as well as terrazzo, marble, quarry tile, concrete and sealed wood floor.
How to use: 
Clean the polished surface, and apply with a clean damp mop. Spray onto the worn surface, allowing it to cover the any scratches. 
Buff with buffing machine when it is still wet on the surface.

Note: keep out of reach of children. 


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