Oral hygiene Saraya Cololo Oral Rinse

Oral hygiene Saraya Cololo Oral Rinse

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Oral hygiene Saraya Cololo Oral Rinse will remove unpleasant odor present in your breath by removing protein dirt on your teeth, oral cavity, tongue, etc.,  and keep the oral cavity clean and unsuitable for bacteria to breed and multiply.


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Pharmacy Personal care

Packing: 600ml 

Application : 

Used to rinse the mouth, make the mouth fresh, avoid bad breath caused by protein dirt. Tea tree oil, green tea essential oil and propolis extract bring a mild herbal flavor to the oral cavity.

How to use: 

Take an amount of 10-12ml of Cololo Oral (about 1/3 to half of the bottle cap). Rinse your mouth thoroughly for 20-30 seconds, spit the liquid into washing basin. Note: Mark inside the cap indicates 10ml liquid level. You can use it after meal or before going to bed. Do not swallow.


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