Smart San Neutral Detergent N-4
Smart San Neutral Detergent N-4

Smart San Neutral Detergent N-4

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Smart San Neutral Detergent N-4 is a high powered detergent with added strength against grease and stubborn stainsThick foaming and fragrance-free for washing and cleaning dishes and utensils. 

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Hygiene and food safety Hotel Restaurant Chemicals Kitchen hygiene chemical QSR/FSR chemicals

Packing: container 20 Kg & 5Kg 
How to use  :
For manual washing.
Use concentrated or diluted 3-5 times. or dilute with water 1:400 (2.5ml for 1 liter)
For vegetable washing: 
Dilute the solution 400 times in the sink. Soak vegetables, fruits, and fruits in the solution, then rinse with tap water for at least 30 seconds (or change at least 2 times if washing with water in a basin).
For dishes, utensils and cooking equipment: scrub stains with a sponge dipped in thinner; Rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth.

If skin contact occurs, rinse with water
If contact with eyes, immediately rinse eyes with plenty of water.
If swallowed, rinse mouth immediately and drink plenty of water.
Keep out of reach of children.
When used to wash vegetables, do not soak in the solution for more than 5 minutes.
Wear gloves when washing if the skin is sensitive, or when using undiluted solutions with sponges.
After washing, wash hands and apply moisturizer to avoid skin irritation if necessary.


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