Goodmaid Pro Soil Zap - Multipurpose Solution In Industrial Cleaning

The cleaner is a substance that removes stubborn stains from surfaces. Customers are increasingly drawn to this item due to its superior cleaning capability and high level of safety. One of them, We are not to mention the chemical lines of Goodmaid Pro—the leading chemical brand in Malaysia.

The cleaner is a substance that removes stubborn stains from surfaces. Customers are increasingly drawn to this item due to its superior cleaning capability and high level of safety.  One of them, We are not to mention the chemical lines of Goodmaid Pro—the leading chemical brand in Malaysia.

Multipurpose cleaning chemicals and mechanism of action

A multipurpose cleaning chemical is a solution composed of antiseptic ingredients that can be used to clean surfaces such as floors, metal, walls, etc. Additionally, it is used to clean rusty or stubbornly stained machines and production tools.

The mechanism of action is to act directly on the stain by reducing the water's surface tension, allowing the detergent to penetrate the stain quickly and easily. Remove any stubborn stains and apply a protective layer to the surface to prevent bacteria and dirt from adhering.

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Multipurpose cleaning chemicals and mechanism of action

Why use multipurpose cleaning chemicals?

High cleaning ability

Based on a formula developed by many experts, multipurpose cleaning can eliminate stubborn stains on surfaces, such as pot burns from cooking, rust stains from oxidized metal objects, and long-standing dirt, grease, etc. In addition to being capable of cleaning, they are also formulated to aid in disinfection and reduce material wear and tear.


Customers are most concerned with both the quality and the safety of use when selecting a specific cleaning chemical product. Most multipurpose cleaning chemical products on the market today do not contain harmful ingredients. In addition, the preservatives in the product are always kept to a minimum, and certain varieties are even preservative-free. The level of colorant application in these products is comparable only to the cosmetic and food industries. It is guaranteed to have no negative health effects on its users.

The fragrance

The fragrance of detergents is typically relatively subtle because they are made using natural perfumes. Clean and cool surfaces are essential for a relaxing home environment.

The dangers of not cleaning regularly

If you don't clean regularly and use subpar cleaning solutions, it might create several major problems, such as:

Impact on human health

Human health safety is the most crucial factor. However, there are several instances of abuse or use of unknown-origin cleaning agents causing symptoms such as headaches, sleeplessness, exhaustion, etc.

Additionally, a filthy atmosphere is a breeding ground for numerous other hazardous germs. Some hazardous diseases, such as tuberculosis, helminths, and asthma, can be acquired without difficulty.

Direct influence on brand image

Inadequate hygiene has a direct impact on the evaluation of clients and the reputation of a firm. Similarly, when low-quality multipurpose cleaning solutions are used, unpleasant odors will cause discomfort for clients visiting the business.

In addition, the use of chemicals with a high detergent content will shorten the lifespan of objects, generating situations such as discoloration, corrosion, and damage.

Areas where multipurpose cleansers are required


In industrial hygiene, the floor is one of the most significant components, since it has a direct impact on customer evaluation and the quality of services and products. At the same time, this is also where most bacteria accumulate, therefore cleaning will take a long time without suitable cleaning techniques and multi-purpose cleaning agents. However, it is important to consider the safe chemical lines, high cleaning efficiency, and bactericidal impact while making a selection.


In addition to being a place where nutritious food is prepared, the kitchen is also a site where numerous microorganisms directly impact human health. Therefore, to prevent food-borne pathogens from penetrating the human immune system, kitchen hygiene should be given great consideration.

Toilet areas

This area is susceptible to filth and harmful microorganisms such as E. coli, Rotavirus, Shigella, etc. If cleaning isn't done regularly and right, it's easy for digestive and breathing problems that are bad for health to develop.

Clean with regular cleaning chemicals to protect health

Goodmaid Pro Soil Zap – Multipurpose solution in industrial cleaning

Understanding the concerns of Customers in the process of choosing cleaning chemical products, EGS with the mission of bringing customers safe and versatile solutions. We introduce to Customers the Goodmaid Pro Soil Zap product line, belonging to the manufacturer of Goodmaid Pro-Malaysia's leading chemical brand. Goodmaid Pro Soil Zap is an alkaline-based chemical cleaner that can be used to clean all kinds of surfaces, like floors, walls, kitchens, etc., very well.

Goodmaid Pro Soil Zap – Multipurpose solution in industrial cleaning

Salient features

Goodmaid Pro Soil Zap was developed to introduce to the chemical market a product line that is both effective at cleaning and safe for consumers. So, the product development team at Goodmaid Pro is constantly conducting research and implementing modifications to create the best possible products.

Goodmaid Pro Soil Zap is a multi-purpose cleaning product that effectively eliminates layers of grease, wax, and other tough debris without causing surface wear or damage. They are utilized frequently in commercial areas, food processing facilities, industries, workshops, and other technical facilities.

Customers can have full confidence in the product quality of Goodmaid Pro because of the precisely developed components. The product is non-flammable, non-toxic, and has anti-rust properties.

Goodmaid Pro Soil Zap - high cleaning ability and safe for users

User manual

To obtain optimal results, the user dilutes the product with water in the following proportions:

  • A mixture of 1:50 was used to clean table surfaces and food contact tools of light stains.
  • Medium stains require a mixture of 1:20.
  • Heavy stains: mix at a ratio of 1:10 and apply to kitchen floors and reception areas.
  • Stains stubborn: 1:2 to 1:4.

Notes when using Goodmaid Pro Soil Zap

  • Avoid contact with your skin and eyes.
  • When handling and preparing materials, always wear safety equipment.
  • Avoid keeping it in locations where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius and always keep the lid tightly closed.
  • If the product is consumed, transport the patient to a medical facility for treatment.
  • If the product comes into contact with your skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Take the patient to a medical facility for treatment if symptoms persist.
  • Keep it out of children's reach.

With many years of expertise in the chemical industry, EGS considers customer safety and satisfaction an important criterion and an ongoing objective. Before reaching the consumer, each EGS chemical product undergoes extensive quality testing and is imported directly from the producer. With a focus on long-term growth, our organization is continually enhancing the quality and spirit of Partner and Customer service. We desire to provide to gain meaningful worth.


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