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Laundry chemicals are principal factors used to clean stains of fabrics in industrial laundry. It has a high cleaning ability, helps to optimize the fabric's life cycle, and preserves the fragrance.

Laundry chemicals are principal factors used to clean stains of fabrics in industrial laundry. It has a high cleaning ability, helps to optimize the fabric's life cycle, and preserves the fragrance.

The ingredients of industrial laundry chemical

Industrial laundry chemicals are chemicals with the feature of cleaning stains. At the same time, it also has the effect of softening and preserving the fragrance of fabrics. Manufacture from the ingredients that suit each fabric and meet linen life-cycle optimization criteria. Laundry chemicals include: 

  • Detergents dissolve quickly and clean stains on the surface of fabrics effectively with only a few chemicals by concentrated formula. In addition, it also helps to save a lot of costs for the laundry business. 
  • Fabric softener helps to stabilize the fabric structure and kill bacteria. Besides, it makes the fabric softer, anti-wrinkle, and keeps the fragrance.

In addition, bleach is also one of the indispensable ingredients to remove stains, kill bacteria, and help fabrics become whiter and brighter.

Industrial laundry chemicals including detergents and fabric softeners

Industrial laundry chemicals including detergents and fabric softeners

Outstanding advantages of industrial laundry chemicals

When hearing "chemicals," many people will immediately think of toxicity and danger. However, this is wrong. Industrial laundry chemicals are washing powders that you often use in families with outstanding advantages, such as:

Optimal cleaning

Usually, there are positions such as collars, sleeves, etc., ordinary washing powder can not be cleaned. However, when we use specialized industrial laundry chemicals, the stains can be easily washed by them. In addition, industrial laundry chemicals also help maintain the state of linens and ensure the life cycle of linen and softness and keep the fragrance.

Saving cost and time

For businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and hospitals, the amount of linen is very large and needs to be washed by a professional industrial laundry. Cleaning each obstinate stain on the linen's surface will take a long time. Furthermore, there are numerous types of stains, such as tea, oil, and bloodstains. These stains cannot be removed in only one wash and must be treated by someone before being put in the washing machine. If customers use specialized laundry chemicals. It saves time while also ensuring cleanliness and laundry progress. At the same time, laundry chemicals soften the fabric, making the ironing process easier.

Notes when using industrial laundry chemicals

Keep the following in mind when using laundry chemicals:

  • To comply with chemical regulations, the number of chemicals used must be following the user manual.
  • There are no harmful chemicals.
  • Chemicals must have an origin with product names, applications, and a user manual.
  • When working with chemicals, wear protective clothing such as eye protection, respirators, gloves, and protective boots.

EGS – industrial laundry chemical solutions

EGS provides industrial laundry chemical solutions from Goodmaid Pro brand. The number 1 chemical brand in Malaysia with strict production standards and constantly improving products to meet the criteria in the laundry industry.

  • GMP 352 Cocorex is a Chlorine based bleach. It can effectively bleach, clean, remove stains, disinfect and deodorize fabrics. Suitable for all fabrics and linen in industrial laundry.
  • GMP 350 Laun - D is a specialized laundry chemical with high cleaning efficiency and is dissolvable in water. It is made by bleach and has an application of fabric cleaner. Ensures that the fabric is always white and clean after the washing process.
  • GMP 251E Extrasoft is a highly concentrated liquid fabric softener that contains lubricating chemicals to make fabric feel softer and reduce wrinkling and static cling.
  • GMP 330 L-Alkaline Booster is a highly concentrated liquid developed exclusively for use in commercial and institutional laundries. This product effectively dislodges stubborn stains such as dirt and oil stains on cotton and synthetic fabrics. The detergent ingredients are designed to clean all the linen without damaging it.
  • GMP 252 L-Neutralizer is designed to resume the linen back to its natural; by neutralizing the pH level of the linen to its comfortable condition.

Laundry chemicals from Goodmaid Pro

Laundry chemicals from Goodmaid Pro

EGS always considers prestige and quality which are important criteria. Therefore, the EGS’s chemicals are always guaranteed to be genuine, safe, and meet all the Customers’ requirements. Besides, we always want to bring customers the most cost-effective package solutions.

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